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About Us

Giant Distribution was created because brick & mortar vape businesses deserve the same commitment to customer service that Giant Vapes provides their direct-to-consumer retail customers: A level of service the industry has lacked until now.


With Giant Distribution you’ll experience:


  • Guaranteed Same Day Shipping on orders placed Mon-Fri before 3:00 pm Eastern Time.


  • Free, Fast Shipping on orders over 50 items via Fedex Ground.


  • No Credit Card Fees.


  • Loyalty Rewards: Earn rewards that can be cashed in for up to $1000 in store credit at a time.


  • Award-Winning Customer Service: You’ll receive the same commitment to customer service that has won Giant Vapes awards for Best Customer Service two years in a row.


  • Wide Selection: We distribute many of Giant Vapes’ best selling brands and products, including brands available exclusively at Giant Distribution.


  • Low MOQ: 20 pieces total across all brands/products (Not 20 bottles/pieces per brand)


  • No Drop Shipping: All products ship direct from Giant Distribution to you


  • Mature, Quality Products: Giant Distribution is committed to curating a wide, growing selection of high quality, child-resistant, properly sealed, properly labeled, maturely branded products that your customers will love and will sell exceptionally well for your business.